Eve Market – All in on Soil

Posted on May 9th, 2010 by Maplechori

A friend and I used to joke around on my early days while becoming a trader about going “all in on soil”. It turns out, the joke was on me, mostly, because you CAN actually turn a good profit trading soil on the Eve market. Allow me to elaborate.

The whole secret of this magical dust lies on game reboots. (And that shouldn’t be a problem on EVE online). During a reboot soil orders get replenished on NPCs. You can quickly identify a NPC order in the Eve market by the length of it. It is always over 364 days, while players are only allowed a maximum of 3 months.

Now the problem lies on the other end. You bought your soil, but who is going to buy that from you? Well fear not, there are NPCs in other regions which will have a mirror buy order for a higher bid price than the sell order you bought from. All you got to do to win in the Eve market is…well… buy low and sell high!

Of course the amount of profit is directly proportional with the amount of volume you can move, so I suggest you have at least an Orca to conduct your exploits to make it worth your time.

You can easily extrapolate this with player orders in the Eve market but you have to be careful. Use EVE Metrics to check your targetted orders before you do the long, slow and boring trip or go AFK. Whichever way you choose, aim to get a freighter at some point.

Ok so hauling is not an exciting profession. It has even less action than mining, if you can call that action. In the end, however, it is one of the most profitable (non scamming wise) activities on EVE Online. Happy trading!

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