Eve Ore – The Source of all Goodies…

Posted on April 11th, 2010 by Marisca K

The Universe in Eve Online is entirely player controlled. This means that apart from a few specific items (like certain NPC trade goods and commodities) almost all goodies in the game are built by players. Players build the ships you see flying around and all the equipment fitted on those ships as well. The resources required for this building process are minerals, but where do those minerals come from? The short answer is: Eve Ore!

Eve Ore Mining – Risk versus Reward

As with investments in the real world, rewards in Eve Online are dependent on risk. The safer your operations are, the smaller the rewards. And when you are willing to accept a greater risk of losses, your potential gains will be higher as well. When mining ore in Eve the risk is determined by the security of the region in which you collect your ore. In the most secure regions (1.0 space) you can collect ore pretty much undisturbed. The less secure your system is however, the more often rats will pop up in your system to disturb your mining and the stronger they will be. Although most rats (NPC monsters) in high security space are easily taken care of with the right equipment, it is important to keep this in mind while picking your spot. Especially for the newer players, who use small ships with little armor or shields, a careful selection of a safe system in high security can save quite some misery.
Once the security of your system falls below 0.5, you don’t only have rats who disturb your efforts, but you have to worry about other players (pirates) attacking you as well. Mining in lowsec or 0.0 is not recommended unless you have a group of friends or a corporation at your disposal, who will take care of any pests for you.

Eve Ore Types – The types of ore in Eve Online

Each type of ore can be refined into minerals. While the subject of refining will be covered in another post, it is important to note that different ore types refine into different minerals. The ore will be more valuable if the minerals you obtain from it are more rare and expensive. But there are also three levels of enrichment within each type of ore. In addition to the basic level, there is a variation that will yield an extra 5% of minerals and another that will yield an extra 10%. The basic ore is therefore not as valuable as the more enriched variations. In your average asteroid belt however, the enriched variations are harder to find.

Eve Ore found in high security systems

Basic Ore +5% Variation +10% Variation
Veldspar Concentrated Veldspar Dense Veldspar
Scordite Condensed Scordite Massive Scordite
Pyroxeres Solid Pyroxeres Viscous Pyroxeres
Plagioclase Azure Plagioclase Rich Plagioclase
Omber Silvery Omber Golden Omber
Kernite Luminous Kernite Fiery Kernite
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