Eve Races – The Best Eve Race in History

Posted on April 20th, 2010 by Marisca K

Until a couple of months ago, the choice of the right Eve race at character creation was quite difficult. Within each of the the Eve races, you had to pick a bloodline and ancestry and your statistics and starting skills were largely dependent on your choices. This was quite difficult for new players, as they could not really foresee the consequences of those choices. In this period of time, a recommended combination was creating a Caldari Achura Stargazer. There are many Caldari Achuras, and I am one of them.

This choice was made for two reasons:

  1. Creation of a very low charisma character was possible. This meant you could spend more points on the other statistics and generally train faster. Of course there are builds that would benefit from high charisma, like a character specializing in trade and social/leadership skills. For the average multi purpose character a lower charisma means faster training though. Since you could not change statistics in the old days, this low charisma statistics distribution was quite useful.
  2. Caldari ships are arguably the best for running missions. In pve it is nice to have missiles at your disposal that can shoot at long range and don’t require your capacitor to fire. Shield tanks are also quite nice for running missions as you always have a small armor buffer when things go wrong. And with good shield skills you can make a powerful passive tank, so those capacitor neutralizing towers in the highest level missions don’t harm you.

Character creation has changed however.

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