Margin Trading

Posted on February 19th, 2010 by Maplechori

Cash is king, so they say. Margin trading might be one of the most underrated skills, but it is quite useful.

So what does it do? The description is a little bogus, but what it does it is quite simple. It allows you to make orders and keep  more money in your pocket and less in escrow. Without this skill you transfer all the cash required to cover your buy order.

You need as much liquid assets in EVE to multiply it and margin trading gives you that needed edge, specially when you are living in the sub billion poverty.

The road to prosperity in the EVE economy lies in the proper handling of your cash assets and margin trading is a way to advance, faster.

Lets try it with an example to show you why and how it can be useful:

So you’re wandering around in your Bestower around Hek (you like to fit in!) and you stumble upon no buy orders for soil,  jackpot! So obviously you’re having trouble controlling your fingers, they are burning to place that buy order. But!, the plot thickens! you also notice that silicates have very low buy orders! WHAT DO YOU DO?!

This is where margin trading comes in to save the day, without margin trading you’d be forced to take one of those opportunities, but! margin trading not only will allow you to place both, in fact, given the sufficient skill level (over 3 is a good guess), allows you to buy some exotic dancers for the long trip back!

Can you witness the sheer power of margin trading now!? I hope so!

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