Scordite in the Fade Region of EVE

Posted on June 4th, 2010 by Marisca K

Ever wanted to mine in EVE? This is a list with every solar system with Scordite in Fade. Solar systems are ordered from most to least secure.

Solar System Security Total Number of Asteroid Belts
O-CNPR -0.235 13
L-SCBU -0.239 4
DW-T2I -0.257 11
E-9ORY -0.27 2
O1Y-ED -0.273 21
VRH-H7 -0.273 6
P-33KR -0.281 7
C8-CHY -0.287 14
X36Y-G -0.288 4
HHK-VL -0.29 16
K4YZ-Y -0.302 23
WQY-IQ -0.305 6
DO6H-Q -0.335 13
YKSC-A -0.337 22
CR-IFM -0.351 13
L-C3O7 -0.355 15
8W-OSE -0.368 8
FIO1-8 -0.369 13
X5-UME -0.389 5
C4C-Z4 -0.396 8
E9KD-N -0.407 6
C-OK0R -0.439 6
GME-PQ -0.493 7
0-ARFO -0.5 1
8QMO-E -0.551 12
MPPA-A -0.592 4
I-UUI5 -0.635 2

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