WoW Dungeon – How to Make Lots of Gold By Dungeon Leveling

Posted on May 17th, 2010 by Marisca K

There are two important matters every WoW player is forever trying to solve. All World of Warcraft players try to find faster ways to level their characters and new methods to collect more cash than before. Dungeon leveling forms the perfect solution to both of these issues.

Since patch 3.3 in Wrath of the Lich King, we have the dungeon finder system. This system solved a challenge so many players had: not being able to find a good team to own dungeons with. Keep in mind though , the dungeon finder is more than an aid for level 80 characters to get awesome gear. It also can help you level real fast.

WoW Dungeons for more experience

Many of the early WoW dungeons from the original game and the Burning Crusade have been overlooked lately , thanks to all the new content from the last major expansion. But remember that those early parts of World of Warcraft had dungeons as well. And these dungeons provide a great opportunity for those who wish to power level their characters more quickly than they ever could before. The average experience earned per second is far higher for those players who are dungeon leveling compared to the popular solo questing. Also the equipment earned from finishing dungeon quests are more valuable than the rewards earned by solo questing.

How to earn more gold in a WoW Dungeon

Additionally, dungeon leveling also allows you to gather much more cash in a shorter period than questing on your own. There are three ways in which dungeon leveling can help you earn plenty of WoW gold. The most straightforward way is the fact that you’re downing monsters much more efficiently and quickly. Each pop gives you a share of the gold as loot, and group members take turns looting the corpses. Simply selling all the junk you get from all those kills will get you even more gold than you could get by yourself .

The second technique of gathering more money from a WoW dungeon is the fact that you’ll have easier opportunities to get unique and useful equipment that can be auctioned. If you have not yet used the auction house, then it’s definitely worth it to learn, especially if you’re leveling using the dungeon finder system. Creatures will drop cloth, gems, and other materials for various professions, and all of these can be sold on the auction house. You up the chance of actually getting these items by opting for the dungeon leveling route instead of the solo questing one.

The last way of earning World of Warcraft money from dungeon leveling also uses the auction house, but it requires an enchanter too . If you have an enchanter in the party , then you will have the choice to “Disenchant” in addition to “Need or “Greed.” Picking “Disenchant” is a great way to get enchanting materials and earn some extra gold in the auction house.

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